Korai Trancemission


Hviezdy festivalu SAL privítame .6.marca v Brezne
Korai Trancemission /Hungary / is a project of the members of Korai Öröm band with its unique ’Korai-style’ sounds.

The band was playing on the main stage of Ozora Festival in 2015.

The special ethno sounds by fuyara, jew’s harp and khoomei throat singing featuring powerful tribal drum and percussion beats makes the band an extraordinary representative on the psychedelic-
trance music scene. Sometimes retro, usually acid keyboard sounds, dynamically monotonic, minimal bass guitar spices up the music. The guitars sums all the influences up with it’s ethno, ambient and psychedelic rock rhyhtms.

They are an organic part of the electronic, acid music culture evolving since the early 90’s.
The band has toured with many Hungarian and international DJs and projects throughout Europe
(Ozora-festival, Burg Herzberg-festival, Pohoda-festival, Sun-festival, Earthdance,...).
That’s why are they the returning performers at the Ozora-festival every year.

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